Renovation – A Second New Beginning!!!

Giving something a second breath of life,
To, revive the zeal to survive.
All the dreams and tortures involved,
To make something re- evolve.
The ode here that I am singing,
Is about a second new beginning!!!
With great excitement & big plans;
Spearing, our houses lack-luster walls with thoughtful glance.
Discerning the peeling paint on the walls, we decided unanimously,
That hereby this month we would unreservedly,
Dedicate ourselves without a single groan,
To renovating our, dilapidated home.
Oh at that point we did not realize, what horrors did, we invite.
As we planned & plotted our beautiful vision,
The list of tasks dramatically increased.
Not only did we want the house painted and decorated,
But washroom & bath were also to be renovated.
Thus their redesigning was part of the project.
To the old plans new ideas where further injected.
Seems like Jaguar fixtures were hot topic for our argument.
Anchor switches would also to the walls beauty augment.
New Geyser & Sintex too joined the fray.
Over the different designs we peered all day.
Planning & plotting took us a week,
Plumber & mason arrived as our final plans were conceived.
My Bro & I got excitement hives.
Selecting the tiles & fixtures was so much fun.
But when the work started our expressions were glum.
Nary of us had thought practically,
Staying with an under-construction washroom was an anomaly.
Neighbors & relatives saved the day.
To our help they came without delay.
But still changing tiles & fixtures is messy job.
Our clothes & shoes were of their cleanliness robbed.
My maids & I were running helter-skelter,
Trying to keep a modicum of hygiene in our, shelter.
But alas it was a pointless war,
Dirt had invaded even the cleaning supplies jar.
My once spotless house was now a demolition site,
To our own washroom & basin we had no usage right.
The plumber & mason were the undisputed dictators,
To their tyranny we were mute spectators.
It seems that life was playing a joke on us,
We were endowed with bungling plumber who created a ruckus.
Oh he talked tall & mighty….he promised us a wash room paradise,
But when it came to performance he was ineptness personified.
We fought, we shouted, we vented our spleen,
Until, the contractor agreed to change his minion.
The mason was a skilled worker,
And in this fray that was a succor.
At last the construction of wash room was done,
I swear that day; I had two hours of bathing fun.
But this was not the beautiful end to our horror saga; it was no prelude to beautiful dawn.
It was the silence before the great storm!!!
For, we were still committed to the painting,
The tales of which will drive delicate maidens to fainting.
The painters arrived on the time sharp.
They covered the furniture’s with black tarp.
They started peeling the old paint off the walls,
This made dirt & dust fall.
The paint came-off along with the plaster,
The house looked liked we had used a sandblaster.
Dirt & grim swirled in the air,
Grim & dirt coated our hair.
I don’t know how it managed to get in the sealed & barred furniture’s.
The cleaning of which has transformed me in an extremely polluted creature.
Alas the grim was swept, the walls re-plastered & primed,
And now the walls were ready to be painted & re-designed.
We saw it as culmination of our entire plan.
The painter stroked the walls with a color dripped brush like magicians wand.
But alas it was no miraculous stroke to transform the rooms in one flick,
It took 2 to 3 coats of paint and not a mere lick.
By the time it was halfway done,
We had lost all the sense of fun.
We were enjoying the process no more,
Wanted our house back to find relief from, this bore.
Still we persisted & forbore.
O, to this sad saga there is more.
Once the painting and superficial cleaning was done, the workers left;
I & my family took a heartfelt deep breath!!!
But the war was not over yet.
We were still to collect our dead.
What I allude to is that cleaning & throwing the waste,
Setting up the place to its, previously spic-n-span state.
It seems this was decreed to be a woman’s job,
The heavy lifting & moving of furniture would be done by dad & bro.
But the mantle of major cleaning fell on my shoulders.
I squared my shoulder & lifted my chin; accepted this challenge with a grumpy grin.
Enrolled my maid in this battle against dust & grim.
Geared up, ourselves we did,
Broom, mops, rags & cleaners we picked.
After two days of backbreaking work,
We finally declared the house clean-n-perk.
Post settling in this renovated space we decided to forge ahead,
Now it was the turn of draperies & upholstery.
Searching matching curtains & cushion cover was a new mystery.
Upholstering sofa, buying wall-hanging & lampshade.
We had nice time at this shopping craze.
But now Dad put his foot down,
He glowered at us with a dark frown.
Said he, we were over the limit of sanctioned finance.
To this we replied, it all would to our house’s beauty enhance.
Though realizing our mistake we did back pace.
Finally we were done with all that we had craved,
Though, the hardship of the process is in our memories engraved.
True this whole process was sometimes torture, oft-times fun.
But if someone mentions again the word renovate.
I swear I would all the torture loudly enumerate.
So this is my advice to all those who plan to get adventurous,
Renovating an empty house is much more-easy,
For, you don’t have to share space with dirt that would drive you crazy.
On this counsel I end my tale,
Renovating home is no fairy-tale!!!


Old Friends

Meeting old friends after ages is so much fun,
If you don’t recognize them…the guessing game will leave your brain totally numb.
God forbid if you have forgotten their full names, u will be considered totally dumb!

Lots would have changed beyond your wildest imagination,
Though few would remain the same….boring n mundane.

Beware of the emotional types.
Tears in their eyes.
Tissues held, to drippy noses their wipe.
On meeting, they will loudly exclaim,
“Where have you been, oh it’s been ages dame!”

Save your ears from the over-loud ones,
These might be the ones, who have changed,
The shrinking violets of yester-years to voluble Haynes they have metamorphosed.
Every word would they loudly emphasize!
The whole balance of our found memories of them will at that moment capsize.

The once studious ambitious types,
Might be the ones, who have been lured by beauty of family lives.
Have fallen pregnant n looking ripe.

Then the one who were reed thin once,
Could have, ballooned out of proportion.
It’s difficult to guess their names,
Because, your vision is playing games.

Entrance you, will the erstwhile tom boys do,
Whose sedate beauty has now magnified.
At whom you will, stare in daze,
While catwalk ramp, do they blaze.

Then you bump into the strict monitors,
Who have transformed into mischief perpetrators.

The previously reserved n seemingly uppity,
Are now social n warmly gracious.

But the ones which present no surprise,
Are the ones who have not changed in either brains or size.

The ones who always seemed mediocre,
Success of theirs, did never to you occur,
Are now the budding Mughal’s of, business empires.

Shockingly you will notice free spirits of this age,
Who once were totally collected n constrained by the norms of proper behavior.
Are the wild ones of the decade.

But whatever the case maybe,
It’s great after ages, to old friends see.
It’s merry business to reminiscence,
All the, naughtiness and funny times.
To catch-up all the gossip of the past decade,
To regale each other; with our future campaigns.
So this ode is, a salute to all my friends,
Into my life whose very presence,
Enriched my life with friendly warm fragrance!!!


To my lovely readers,
I am joining a gang of pleaders.
I’m pleading for a cause,
Haven’t got a single minute to, pause.
On my Blogs please do comment,
These I would cherish in my lowly moments.
Your comment would increase my pens might,
Boredom it would then eloquently fight!!!
To your mercy I am a prey,
Do hurry; don’t make me wait till I am old and grey.
May the comments be jolly and fun,
Till with mirth, I feel my tears run!!!
Or they be dreary and long,
Full of criticism like a bad song.
I don’t mind, as long as you’ll write.
So hurry,
Don’t worry.
I promise, I won’t bite!!!

A day for ME!!!

To laze is a crime,
But it makes me feel so very sublime!
Am swinging in my relaxing Hammock,
Let the personality A types mock.
Maybe spending a day on me is considered crazy,
But today, I’m feeling extremely lazy.
Oh the mellow sunshine is making me toasty warm,
I refuse today to follow the official norm.
So my cell is switched off,
& I am away from my grueling laptop.
Swinging in my hammock,
Ignoring the ticking clock.
I plan to have fun all day long,
And time would pass like a jolly good song.
No clients to please, no bosses to bear,
Am away from the, entire official nightmare.
Today is earmarked for ME,
So am not going to be busy bee.
While I laze and watch the cattle graze.
Let me peacefully gaze & dissolve from my bones the entire city craze.
For here am I to dissolve my tensions & detoxify,
To face another day in the scrambling city my soul needs to fortify.
Let the nature soothe and nurture this battered spirit of mine,
While I sip some wine let me relax my rigidly held spine.
Today I refuse to be stuck to my office chair,
I plan to oil and spa my lifeless long hair.
Let my bosses be shocked,
But today, I refused to be in my office locked.
Today I refuse to analyze any balance sheet,
All am going to do is loaf on my bed sheet.
No statement of profit and loss will I make,
But come afternoon, batches of cookies shall I bake.
From room to room will I flutter.
If in organizing mood will cleanup my wardrobe clutter.
Away from the hustle-bustle of city,
Not thinking about the daily nitty-gritty.
I feel my muscles loosening,
While under the Sun I am dozing.
While I am nodding off, in my gently swinging Hammock.
I pity all those souls, who can’t get out of their office doors.
To their over cluttered desks they remain chained,
While I feel, all tensions and stress from my body gently being drained.
While my colleagues are being subjugated by their bosses power,
I will enjoy and have a relaxing long shower.
I will toast marshmallows on fire,
While the poor dearies resolve the problems of our bosses’ empire.
Under my cozy duvet spread,
I will lie down and munch on sweet bread.
While I enjoy an emotional novel,
Somewhere, an employee to client – is ready to grovel.
But today I refuse to take tension,
Because I am on one day “pamper myself Vacation”.
Taking an off on Friday is such so much fun,
For Saturday and Sunday, are still to come.
Monday will be another long dreary workday.
But today, I refuse to work, I refuse to work!!!

From Poem to Prose

Going through my Blogs a critic friend of mine,
Whose writing skills are so very fine.
I consider him to be a connoisseur,
And praise from him I would really treasure.
Shouted at me for being so silly,
Told me that I was being such a lily.
When I could be so much more,
Why was I wasting my talent and being a bore.
When I could instead write something more exotic,
His harsh words are driving me neurotic.
He said; poems, limericks and lyrics are easy to make,
Easy are they as baking plain-vanilla cake.
Poems entertain easily enough,
To this I responded with an angry gruff.
But he persisted, “true genius is when you are dealing with mundane prose,”
To this challenge I easily rose.
Saying this was like raising a red flag to an outraged bull,
Now am staring at the paper ready my hair to pull.
But still I persist & persevere,
Will not lose, will not fail,
Gathering all my skills I prevail.
So here begins the first prose (story/ mundane) blog of mine.
Writing it has left me supine.
OK so let’s start prosing……

Since this blog was a result of a comparison between the beauty of poem and might of a prose, I continue in the same vein and explore the healing pain (Ahem…. Am being politically correct) given by a Dentist and Physiotherapist…. who is scarier???

Oh I have led the most blessed life…. As I have experienced the healing touch of both a dentist and a physiotherapist. Lucky me! Has the privilege of being friends with these two.
Two things that make me believe they are sadist in disguise……. (Though out of their clinics they are true angels).

My lovely Dentist said,
If it tastes sweet and delicious… cannot be good for your teeth girl!
My gorgeous physiotherapist said,
If the muscle strengthening exercise is not hurting you…….. you are not doing it right babes!
And poor me, had to always grin and bear all the pain. Ofcourse, they were doing it for good of my health. But the excruciating pain that I went through did not let me see that clearly!! (Hope I have placated them enough or else am screwed at my next appointment.)

My dentist has had the pleasure of not only cleaning, polishing and filling my teeth but has also had the lovely experience of extracting & wiring them (putting braces).
Oh my poor pearly whites were cruelly extracted and thrown out. My gorgeous MonaLisa smile was hideously covered by silver yuck ugly wires.
Tooth filling reminds me of the road repairing crew… they first drill down the road fill it up then run road roller over it. Well my Doc was no different. I never knew….the pain the road suffered on experiencing the drill until I had my tooth filled.
OK I admit that:
a) The ones extracted were rotten to the core…,
b) After filling my molars could once more see action (eat all nuts and hard food stuff) without cringing in pain &
c) My gorgeous smile was not all that beautiful due to big and protruding teeth……
But still……. a girl can moan. After all I did go through so much pain!!!

My physiotherapist has not only had fun at just putting me through muscle strengthening grueling exercise paces. But also had; the pleasure of needling & electrocuting me.
First time I saw her needling a patient (who happened to be my family member) I thought he looked so funny like a Voodoo doll. Oh but did I get my comeuppance for finding it so hilarious. Two month down the line I was at the SHARP receiving end of piercing needle…. Aaoooccchhh!!! I screamed, I begged, I threatened but all fell on deaf ears.
I was just getting used to this, trying to find something funny about it….. getting wild ideas about looking as attractive as porcupine or thinking Doc is treating me like a pin cushion & any time now she is going to get her embroidery frame. And then with a wicked smile (of course this was my imagination, her smile was actually very sweet) she took out a machine to electrocute me. OK, OK… I agree it was an extremely low frequency pencil battery operated doctors equipment….but hey she did give me current!!
Both the experiences with the dentist & the physiotherapist did give me pain & left me totally drained. But hey after the treatment was over I was as good as new. So every time when a new appointment is scheduled I tense up for a moment and then think…oh no…. this will just heal me. Why am I being scared……

Special thanks to all the doctors who have ever treated me…… I know you gave me pain but it was always for my gain. If my blog has offended anyone, my sincere apology. The incidents were fictional & were purely exaggerated for comic effect.

The UNCONQUERABLE…??… Not anymore.

Oh how I wish I knew the art of manipulating the world clock.
Or should I get techno savvy and get a time travelers machine.
Not much do I ask, just going in past; by a day or half.
Oh what a wonderful world would it be,
Achieving deadlines and for meeting on time to be.
To reach spruced up for all parties and games to see.
Oh!! Precision and fine tuning I seek!
Roar like a lion and enter the room, right on dot for everything on schedule.
Now I always seem to unsuccessfully juggle.
Looking at my appointment dairy, as if it’s a puzzle.
So many things to do and so less time!!!
Am running helter-skelter with always a whine.
Seems Dean* has overtaken this small personality of mine.
Thus you always see me screaming,
“I’m late I’m late, for a very important date. No time to say hello goodbye, I’m late I’m late I’m late”.
Having lots on my plate seems like a crime.
And then I noticed two friends of mine,
Always ready for any mischief any time.
Wonder how they manage to handle their zillions tasks without delay.
No meek mice are these.
In their fields they are ahead of several others by leagues.
One dabbles in several businesses
And then too has time for all the group lunches.
Other is an event organizer and classes manageress
But is always there at, all our bashes.
Wonder how they make the time,
From grueling work to hectic socializing.
I believe they are using spells,
They must be some mighty sorceresses.
For how can normal people, always on time be?
Then one showed mercy on me.
Took me aside and whispered with glee,
“Managing time is all easy and sane.
No tricks involved; no bewitching spells.”
Told me, she is still refining her art,
Tweaking and fine tuning her craft.
She called this spell getting organized,
Listing your schedule and then to prioritize.
And navigate through this treacherous terrain.
Plan, multitask and delegate.
Keep some spare for all the fun n games
And don’t forget the ones which are unpredictable.
Keep on your toes for these pesky interrupters.
Which sneak in when you think it’s all resolved.
The key she said, ‘to time manage;
Is to look at it as a, surmountable challenge.
Saying no to some task and get together, is not an answer.
The mantra she uses makes time an easy foe to conquer.
It’s simple in words but hard to maintain.
“There is no extra time in anyone’s day and schedule,
You need to MAKE time for all things that are important to you.”
So now, I too am going to apply this rule.
And learn, whether I too can vanquish my erstwhile UNCONQUERABLE schedule?

Note: Dean* is a character from Alice in wonder land and “I’m late” is his line.


Oh I was soaring in the skies; feeling the world go by.
The wind was in my hair, and I had no other care.
Zooming & twirling; zigging & zagging.
Enjoying each moment, on my marvelous broomstick.
Soaring high as an eagle;
Suddenly I dived like a sea gull.
No…no; it was not to catch a pry,
I had seen something WONDROUS on my way.
Oh behold…the sight of this MONSTROUS carriage.
It was carrying masses over long-n-wide acreage.
Running at speed but halting every few minutes.
I was surprised & amazed, and in wonder could only gaze.
For here I saw a machine; “self inflicted torture”.
In which people ran in willingly, this was a shocker!!
Sleek & sophisticated the women seemed,
Smart & debonair, themselves the men believed.
Slick & put together not a hair out of place.
Climbed in, the people into this carriage.
The wheels chugged the carriage moved & when it stopped a pandemonium broke.
All had gone crazy, all had gone mad.
For quite a lot ran, jumped down from the carriage all mushed-up & scratched
Hair gone wild, people in daze.
But still they ran out of the place & stunned I saw more take their place.
Curiosity spiked, I too dived.
And then my folly did I realize!!
Crushed & squashed, poked & bashed.
In the cramped up space did I, teeth my gnash.
I stood so still, as if frozen by some evil.
Few moments passed they felt like eons.
Taking courage in both my hands, I dared to turn & see the rest.
With a witches vision I could see every little thing.
I saw ladies dancing & jigging; learning the two step thing.
But then I realized that this was no ordinary dance.
The two step shuffle was to avoid the leggy brunettes’ deadly stilettos!!!
And then another destination came, few were thrown out & I was again in immense pain.
For there, climbed in a little lady who was not very tall.
And due to lack of altitude & support she grabbed on my pride.
Aahhhh…. my shining glory was at her mercy!!!
For in her hurry to stabilize she had grabbed on my glorious mane.
My curls were stretched to the max.
All ladies can understand this without putting their brains to tax.
Shoved & bumped, I learned to grunt.
And shout & wail did they like a crowd of banshees.
Fighting & pushing seizing space for themselves.
Brandishing, their purses & bags like the mighty THOR’s hammer.
Wielding, their umbrellas like deadly dagger.
And all this for what; just a measly spot.
“To stand in!”
And then to my ever-growing shock,
I was shoved out with a big flock.
From this harrowing experience which had left me totally drained,
I did learn that this HORRENDOUS carriage was called the